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About JaSure

JaSure is an insurance startup and part of the Santam group. We provide our on-demand insurance product built around the customer, not the insurer. Our primary interaction point with our clients is via our mobile app.

We offer the following benefits:

Remote first
. We have built our company culture and processes with the goal of being a remote-first company from the start.

25 days of annual leave
. Our standard 25 days of leave are in addition to the 12 government defined public holidays in South Africa.

Modern tech
. We’ve built our infrastructure and platform from the ground up to be all-in on Amazon Web Services. We use a mix of serverless and container-based technologies and Python is our primary development language.

About the role

The Infrastructure Engineering team builds the core infrastructure that underlies our insurance platform. The team owns the AWS accounts, infrastructure as code, build and deployment pipelines and other key shared infrastructure. 

As a Senior SRE you will be expected to take ownership of key parts of the infrastructure, and work closely with the other parts of the business (actuarial, marketing, operations, product) and the wider Engineering team (Platform Engineering, App Engineering) to continuously improve our product for our customers.

The key outcomes expected of this role are:

Improve the quality of our infrastructure
. You will own the key performance indicators of the infrastructure and drive their visibility and use to continuously improve our architecture and processes. This can mean: paying down technical debt, rearchitecting old design decisions, improving performance and resilience. 

Extend the features of our infrastructure
. You will design and build new capabilities of the infrastructure that empower our Engineering teams. You will lead the technical design and decision making for your area of the infrastructure. 

Successfully operate the infrastructure
. You will ensure the core infrastructure is always available and performant. You will ensure: the reliable continuous operation of the infrastructure; that monitoring is visible and attended to; that errors are logged and acted on; that the cost of the infrastructure is accurately reported, tracked and optimised. You will also be expected to share on-call rotation duties with the rest of the team. 

Improve our team
. You will: mentor your fellow Engineers, share your experience and knowledge, improve our documentation, document your design decisions and rationale. 

The key required skills of this role are:

. Building great products requires strong teams, so we expect you to recognise that people come before technology and bring that understanding into your day to day interactions and decisions. 

Extensive experience with cloud services
. We use Amazon Web Services for all our infrastructure and service needs so relevant experience with AWS is important, but experience with any of the major cloud providers is welcome.

Good software development skills
. Extensive experience with any Infrastructure as Code language is a must. Our infrastructure is built with Terraform so you would be expected to become productive with that toolset. 

Good communication skills
. You are expected to be able to effectively communicate your decisions, needs and thoughts in both written and spoken forms. 

. We are a remote first team so we are looking for people who are comfortable with asynchronous work. You are expected to  manage your own schedule and availability while still delivering high quality work in a timely manner. 

Some additional skills that would be advantageous are:

Experience with serverless architectures
. Large portions of our platform are built using serverless technologies, so experience here will help you get up to speed sooner.

Experience with CI / CD solutions
. Enabling all of our Engineering teams to quickly and reliably test and deploy their changes is a key objective for us, so experience in building, improving and maintaining CI/CD pipelines would be very helpful.

Our tech stack

Some highlights of our tech stack are: Python, AppSync (GraphQL), SNS, SQS, PostgresQL, Fargate, Terraform.

To apply

To apply, please send your CV and a short cover letter to
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Total Premium: XX
Website Quote T&C

- Underwritten by Santam Limited, an authorised FSP (3416). JaSure is a juristic representative of Santam.
- Premiums are personalised using data from various sources (e.g. credit bureau data).
- This Quick Quote presents an indicative, non-binding premium, based on a typical customer risk profile, that may change when applying your data. Binding quotes are generated in the JaSure smartphone app.
- Premiums are paid at the end of the month. At the end of each month we count the number of days on which you had active cover for the asset and charge the corresponding premium payable. Days on which the asset was covered for part of the day are also included.
- The policyholder is required to manage their cover, and corresponding premium payable, by switching cover on and off during the month.