On-demand world

March 31, 2020

I want it now!

Almost 30 years ago, the band Queen’s distinctive melody first sounded over the radio, with the group insisting, “I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now!” Never in the history of humankind has this sentiment been more relevant. And it seems that instant gratification is here to stay.

Uber has long been the talk of the on-demand economy, revolutionising public transport and take-out food delivery services with UberEATS. Airbnb is another favourite when it comes to innovative success stories, as their vision has helped shape the hospitality business of tomorrow.

But, what about other industries? Has our search for immediate satisfaction infiltrated other sectors, both at home and abroad? The answer, of course, is yes. In the home cooking industry, companies such as Ucook are rising up thick and fast, catering for the busy urbanite with a nose for food. For Ucook, the focus is delivering pre-portioned recipe ingredients of the highest quality, such as sustainable seafood and organic vegetables, together with a step-by-step recipe, making mealtime just that much easier and tastier with no wastage.

Parking is another aspect of the on-demand economy which startups are driving hard. A new app, Luxe, promises an instant valet service for users. Simply share your desired location and your vehicle will be parked, cleaned and fuelled, returned to you when you need to hop on in again.

Most of us have probably heard of TaskRabbit, an app which connects users to safe, reliable location-based help. Whatever your needs, the so-called Taskers jump to assist. From everyday jobs, such as home maintenance, furniture assembly and moving house, to the weird and wacky, such as stand-in employees for show and sitting in the sun all day to secure a picnic spot for a birthday party, Taskers seem to do it all. For the user, it’s as easy as specifying the details of the task and choosing from a list of Taskers based on an hourly rate.

If that doesn’t take convenience to a whole new level, what about Doctor On Demand? Cutting out the waiting room, the app allows users to visit doctors and therapists via live video chats, where prescriptions can be sent directly to a pharmacy nearby. Heal is another app shaping the healthcare sector, where doctors can be ordered to your home at the tap of a button, rather like a take-out pizza.

The prize for futuristic vision has to go to Starship Technologies. Those who sign up receive their very own delivery bot — a robotic self-driving courier resembling something out of Star Wars, with a storage compartment which only the user can open. Send your bot on errands, such as picking up dinner or laundry, or lighten your load as the little guy carries your bags for you. The bots are equipped with GPS and cameras, as well as microphones and speakers, allowing users to add the human touch to every interaction.

With technological innovation moving the on-demand economy forward, it’s little wonder the field of insurance is evolving alongside. It is this need for immediacy and flexibility which has spurred JaSure to turn the wheels in the evolution of the South African insurance industry. Cover which is as quick as a flick of a button; insurance which suits the individual’s lifestyle, with customised cover patterns for on-demand protection of your favourite gear, including bicycles, golf clubs, cameras and binoculars, only as you need it – this is the future of insurance.

Instead of blanket policies, forcing you to insure a whole host of unnecessary items at once, JaSure allows for personalised cover, where you get to protect the things you love whenever they’re most at risk. Turn cover on and off as it suits you, such as insuring your golf clubs for a weekend away or your bicycle on a morning ride. Claim back on your app, without having to fill in a lengthy form or talk to a call centre agent.

Isn’t it time you said yes to the dawning of a new era of insurance and joined the JaSure revolution?


Please note that the views in this article is not intended to provide or constitute advice

Written by Julie Smith

A member of the JaSure founding team, Julie believes that brand stewardship is always about entering into honest conversations with people – not consumers, not even customers! Her dream is to see JaSure become a household name and a tool for bettering people’s lives. In her spare time, she can be found curled up with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a good book.

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