Got questions?

March 31, 2020

Got questions?

There is nothing quite like a poorly-managed call centre. One moment, it is just another Tuesday morning and you’re plowing through a bit of admin and the next you’ve slipped into the tenth circle of Dante’s Inferno with no end in sight. 

We’ve all been there. It starts with an innocent question. How do I redeem X? How do I switch from Y to Z? You dial the company in question’s number and they even delight you by trading in the elevator music for the latest pop hits. You follow their instructions and press your keypad a couple of times, in your haste to get into the right queue for your particular question. So far so good. 

And then it really begins. They keep telling you that you’re a valuable customer, but then why is it that ten minutes later you’re still holding the line. You begin to distrust that your call is important to them. When you finally do hit the jackpot and hear the sweet sound of a real live person on the other end, your victory is cut short. Especially bad call centre agents almost make an art of it: putting you on hold time and again to speak to a supervisor; transferring you to a colleague, only to find yourself in an endless loop until the call drops; escalating your problem and promising to call you back, but your phone remains ominously silent. 

As South Africans, we are only too familiar with shoddy call centre service. If you’ve been adulting for a while, you’ve likely lost days of your life on the phone to companies who certainly haven’t lost sleep over you. Of course, with more and more brands becoming reliant on an online presence, it is increasingly the case that companies direct their customers online for answers to their questions.

With the explosion of voice search functionality and digital personal assistants, pages dedicated to a company’s frequently asked questions, or FAQs, are becoming even more vital for a good SEO score. Besides, it just makes sense from a resource perspective and keeps customers smiling.

As an on-demand insurance app, JaSure is all about simplifying the customer journey, digitising the process whenever possible. Forget call centres and rage-inducing queues. Our Help Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The idea is instant self-help, allowing you to search our Q&As in an effort to answer your queries with minimal time and energy. 

Let’s say you are not sure how to add your asset onto the JaSure insurance app. Simply typing “adding an asset” into the search box will bring up an array of articles, such as, “How do I add an asset?”; “Is the asset covered anywhere in the world?”; “What assets can I insure?” and “Do I need proof of ownership of the asset?”

If you do not have a particular question in mind, but just want to learn as much as you can about the app before getting started, our Help Centre hosts a variety of article collections, from “Getting started” and “Managing my account” to “Billing and payments” and “Claims”. If you have a question, our Help Centre most likely has the answer. If we don’t, please get in touch with feedback on the FAQs, as we’re always looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier. 

Every so often, it might be the case that your question is a little more complicated, such as an issue with your asset or account. It’s for this reason that we have our live chat facility, which can be found by clicking the pink chat box icon at the bottom right of your screen. Our team is waiting on the other side and will get back to you as quickly as we can.Hopefully, this answers your questions about how to ask us for help. For all your other questions, take a peek at our Help Centre.

Please note that the views in this article are not intended to provide or constitute advice.

Written by Julie Smith

A member of the JaSure founding team, Julie believes that brand stewardship is always about entering into honest conversations with people – not consumers, not even customers! Her dream is to see JaSure become a household name and a tool for bettering people’s lives. In her spare time, when she’s not running after her very busy toddler, she can be found curled up with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a good book.

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