How to get started

March 31, 2020

Taking out insurance could not be easier. Follow these easy steps and in 2 minutes your asset could be covered.

Step one: Download the JaSure app here

Step two: Create a profile

  • Make sure the spelling of your first name and surname is exactly as it appears on your South African ID.
  • Invitation code? What's this? We have partnered with a whole bunch of… um well partners. If you received a code in store, enter it in this field.

Step three: Grab your asset and load it onto the app

  • Huh? I need the asset with me? We’re just going to say it how it is: we need to make sure you’re not taking us for a ride and the asset you’re insuring is actually yours.
  • My ID number? We need to make sure that you are not hiding any skeletons in your closet. We have partnered with a leading credit rating partner who will check your closet.

Step four: The quote

  • This is where the dynamic pricing comes in. The longer your cover is “switched on”, the less you pay for each additional day.
  • Take for example your bike and camera:
  • If you use your road bike 5 times a week, then it might make sense for you to leave your insurance switched on permanently.
  • If you only plan on using your camera for the long weekend in September, then switch on for that period and only pay for the days you need cover. 
  • On the quote screen, you will notice a slider. Move it left and right to see how much it costs for different lengths of cover. We only charge you for the days you actually use - pay as you go insurance is (finally) here!

Step five: Swipe on - swipe off 

  • Once you’re happy with our quote, simply swipe on and you’re covered against accidental damage, loss and theft. Swipe off and you’re not! It really is that easy.

August 17, 2020

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What’s the deal with dynamic pricing?

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May 22, 2020

You lockdown and you learn  

JaSure chatted to our brand ambassador, cycling enthusiast Oli Munnik to find out what positives he’s taking away from lockdown in SA.

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