If you can’t ride your bike all month, should you be paying to insure it?

May 15, 2020

Taking on-demand insurance to the next level, JaSure (underwritten by Santam) allows you to switch cover on and off at the touch of a button. Don’t end up leaving the house till June? Don’t pay a cent to insure your favourite things.

A time like this really highlights the incredible savings benefits of JaSure, South Africa’s first truly on-demand, all risk insurance provider for everything from bicycles and smartwatches to cameras, cellphones and laptops.

While we won’t be locked down forever (hopefully!), most of us are already coming to terms with a belt-tightening future where every single debit order has to justify its presence on our bank statements. Nothing grates more than handing over your hard-earned cash every month and getting absolutely zilch in return.

Why JaSure suddenly makes more sense than ever

Even before COVID, the world of insurance was hurtling towards a tech-enabled future where customers will craft their own tailored insurance bouquets to suit their unique and ever-changing lifestyles. Already, loads of folks were seeing the folly in paying year-round premiums on trusty rooftop tents/sick snowboards/cherished Swarovski binocs that, by definition, spend most of their lives in the garage. Lockdown has simply thrown the benefits of this approach into even starker relief.

JaSure makes a helluva lot of sense for today’s consumer because it is…

  • On-demand. Simply swipe to switch cover on/off. Only pay for what you use.
  • Unbundled. Choose what you want to insure, and when you want to insure it.
  • Quick & easy. Do it all (from sign-up to claim) on your smartphone in under 5 minutes.
  • Secure. Santam’s backing gives you peace of mind.
  • Versatile. Cover bikes and sports gear, camping stuff, eyewear, musical instruments, photo equipment and your tech.
  • Cost-saving. Only paying for the insurance you need can save you loads of dosh.

Sounds great. But how does it really work?

First things first, download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Next, take one minute (literally!) to fill in your vital statistics and then start adding assets to your portfolio. After providing some (very) basic info about the thing you’re insuring, you’ll be prompted to take one photo of the item on its lonesome and another of you holding it (selfie time!). You’ll also be asked to take a pic of the purchase receipt – you can skip this step, but you will need to find that dastardly receipt if you do end up submitting a claim.

Now – mere minutes after firing up the app – you’ll be presented with a quote for worldwide cover for loss, theft or accidental damage to your cherished oboe/Aviators/GoPro. Repeat the process to add any other valuables you often leave home with. All the items you add will appear in a list. To activate cover simply swipe right.

Payment is collected in arrears on the first day of the following month, so you only pay for the cover you actually used. Claims are also resolved on the app (you’ll have to make a short video, so be sure to do your hair first) and the money should be in your account within days. (Our record is 5 hours!)

How much can I save?

The easiest way to understand JaSure’s dynamic pricing is to check out the quote I got when I added my battle-hardened S-Works mountain bike (replacement value R60k):

Days per month and total premium indicated below:

0 days: R0.00

1 day: R100.74

2-3 days: R133.86

4-7 days: R166.29

8-15 days: R198.72

>15 days: R231.15

If columns and rows aren’t your thang, try this on for size. If you don’t toggle your insurance in a given month you won’t pay a cent (perfect for that vintage Italian steelframe that you barely ride).

And, if you leave your cover on all month long you’ll be paying the same (or less!) as you would with a regular insurer (ideal for your daily ride). There really is no more affordable or flexible way of doing it.

Still not convinced?

Download the app and compare JaSure’s quotes to your existing monthly premiums. See what we mean? Now, spend the last few weeks of lockdown adding your favourite goodies before swiping right when we are finally allowed out of our houses...

Image credit: Kolesky | Nikon | Lexar

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