The Tour is back in town

March 31, 2020

Sunday 8 March marks the 42nd annual Cape Town Cycle Tour, attracting over 35 000 cyclists to the Mother City. Famed as the world's largest individually timed cycle race, the tour had far more humble beginnings. In 1978, just over 500 cyclists entered the first race as a means to raise awareness for cycling safety. Today, it’s one of the biggest events on the global cycling calendar, drawing thousands of cheering spectators to watch what is arguably the world’s most beautiful cycle race.

Prior to race day, The Cape Town Cycle Tour will host a week of cycling festivities, including the ever-popular 30th expo, held at the Cape Town Stadium from 5 to 7 March. Positively bristling with all things cycling related, exhibitors and cyclists alike congregate in the stadium to talk shop. JaSure will be among the exhibitors, returning to the expo for our second year. Be sure to stop by, as we’ll be hosting an exciting competition for all you cycling fanatics!

While most make their way to Cape Town for the big day by plane or car, there’s a group of cyclists who do things a little differently, getting in the saddle long before the gun goes off. Grandads Army, a group of friends and social cyclists from East London, will take part in the 2020 Grandads Army Memorial Ride from Sunday 1 March. This year, 35 cyclists will strap on their helmets and pedal 1160 kilometres from East London to Cape Town, via the Karoo, over a period of four days to raise money for The Eyabantwana – For the Children Trust who support the Eastern Cape Paediatric Surgical Services. After cooling their heels in Cape Town for a few days, these avid cyclists with a whole lot of heart will be amongst the thousands taking on the Cape Town Cycle Tour. 

We can’t claim to be even nearly as fit as this impressive group of riders, but we love their story and simply had to find a way to get involved. In this spirit, JaSure has equipped the Grandads Army with cycling accessories for the four-day ride and we will follow their journey with daily story updates, so follow us on Facebook and Instagram to help create awareness for this great cause.

But, back to race day, for all you Cape Town Cycle Tour riders. If you’ll be amongst the pack, here are a few handy tips to see you sailing through the finish line.

Top Ten Tips for the Cape Town Cycle Tour

Before the Race:

  1. Ladies, this one is especially for you. Tuck in to your carbs, enjoying those pastas and potatoes in the lead-up to Sunday. You’ll need the extra energy.
  2. Be cautious in your training. In the week before race day, get onto your bike for around four or five hours, but don’t overdo it. Keep those hills relatively low and sprints slow. On Saturday before the race, take a gentle hour cycle, just to ease those nerves and warm up your legs.
  3. It probably goes without saying, but make sure your gear is organised. Get OCD the night before the race, laying out your kit, including pinning your race number on. Prep your race snacks and refrigerate or freeze your favourite carbohydrate drink.
  4. On Sunday morning, don’t skip breakfast, but rather have a carb-loaded brekkie two hours before your start time. Don’t go too big, however, as a cycle after an extra hearty meal is no fun at all.
  5. Speaking of start times, be organised on this one too. Know all the whats, wheres and hows for the big day, especially if you’re starting late, as road closures can make getting there quite tricky.

During the Race:

  1. Keep yourself hydrated while you’re in the saddle, but don’t overdo it. The water points along the way will not only help quench your thirst, but act as great mental ticks as you count the kilometres. Also, make sure you keep snacking as you go, to keep those energy levels up.
  2. Lather yourself in sunblock, even if the weather seems grey. Cape Town weather is a fickle thing! The wind is notorious too, so be prepared for gusts and howls on route and slow down to keep yourself and other riders safe.
  3. Let’s talk about group cycling. If you want to stick with a group throughout your race and lag behind your starting group, wait for the next group to catch up and tag along with them. If you’re quicker than your own group, don’t try to speed ahead to the next group, but rather wait for fast riders behind you to dash by and then pedal along with them. If you’re not too keen on being in the bunch, stay to the side or back of the group. But, remember, keep your eyes ahead and don’t brake sharply or for no good reason, as this can cause accidents.
  4. No one likes to talk emergencies, but in the event of an accident, make sure your emergency contacts are clearly saved on your phone and that your medical aid card is on you. Protect your precious gear too, by logging into the JaSure app and switching cover on.
  5. Lastly, have fun! You’re in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, cycling along some of its most scenic roads. Make the most of it!

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