The ultimate race checklist

March 31, 2020

The days are getting longer, meaning a little extra sunshine and a whole lot more action, as cycling season has arrived!. It’s that time of year where limits are tested and personal records are bested. We connected with ex-professional mountain biker Chris Wolhuter, founder of ASS MAGIC (it’s a real thing  — more on that later) and to get the low-down on his race checklist.

  1. Your bike (and its parts)

When it comes to your bike, don’t wait until the last minute, but rather get it serviced a week before your big race, just in case parts need to be ordered and replaced. Test it out again before the gun goes off — no one likes nasty surprises on race day.

For any hurdles along the way, be sure to carry technical spares, which Chris tucks away in his Rapstrapz Saddle Strap. A multi tool with a chain breaker is a must: the Pedro’s RX Micro 20 is a good option with its built-in chain breaker and tyre levers. Don’t forget your spare chain link and tube, tyre levers, chain lube, hand pump and CO2 cartridges and adaptor. Being extra prepared is a little harder, but can save you valuable time when you’re out of the saddle.

  1. Your fuel

They say you are what you eat and this is especially true on race day. Don’t make the mistake of snacking on a new bar or gel during your race; instead leave the dietary exploration for training rides. Bring along two bottles of water, where Chris recommends mixing in a dash of Cadence CarboFuel Energy for sustained energy. Carry two extra CarboFuel sachets along, in case you’re extra thirsty.

If you’re in the market for a new energy bar, Chris’s favourite is the salted chocolate caramel Cadence CarboFuel bar and he likes to make it a double dose, bringing two on race day. He suggests carrying two gels too, in particular another favourite by Cadence, the Classic Energy Gel, which will give you the kick you need to pedal up those hills.

  1. Your kit

As for your kit, test this beforehand and, of course, don’t commit a schoolboy error and leave anything at home. This includes your timing chip and sunblock — nothing worse than the lobster look! Chris has tried and tested his fair share of kit and has his choice brands, especially Ciovita and RH77 for all your apparel needs. When it comes to chamois cream, Chris is a fan of ASS MAGIC, where the name pretty much speaks for itself!

  1. Your cover

Naturally, we all hope race day will be hiccup-free, but insurance is always a smart move. Not sure how to get it? JaSure, of course. Download the JaSure app and get cover in just 2 minutes. No surprises in the fine print, as we’ll even cover you on race day. Happy, safe cycling season everyone!

Please note that the views in this article are not intended to provide or constitute advice.

Written by Julie Smith

A member of the JaSure founding team, Julie believes that brand stewardship is always about entering into honest conversations with people – not consumers, not even customers! Her dream is to see JaSure become a household name and a tool for bettering people’s lives. In her spare time, when she’s not running after her very busy toddler, she can be found curled up with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a good book.

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