Trail Coverage with Oli Munnik

May 7, 2020

Insurance might not be the most exciting part about getting into the saddle and going for a trail ride. But, it’s certainly a no-brainer. So says Oliver Munnik, former professional mountain biker, cycling enthusiast and Marketing Manager at cycling distributor Rush Sports.

Keep your kit covered

For Oli, JaSure’s latest brand ambassador, insuring your cycling gear is simply a must, especially given that the hobby errs on the pricey side. Good bikes don’t come cheap and neither do those nifty little accessories. Add to this that we live in a country where crime cannot go ignored. There’s also the fact that cycling itself takes its toll on your gear — cracking a carbon rim is hardly uncommon. Finally, as with any adventure sport, accidents do happen — high risk for high reward. It’s never fun when things go wrong, but making sure your gear is covered means one less thing to worry about when they do.

Recently, Oli switched to JaSure and hasn’t looked back since he downloaded the on-demand insurance app. Not only does Oli find the app simple to use, but it’s also great value for money, in that you only pay when you actually need your gear insured. With its switch on and off capability, the app allows for flexibility, which Oli sees as key when looking for the right insurance.

This has come in handy during social distancing, as his two mountain bikes sit unused at home, while he has taken his gravel bike along to his parents’ house, where he has been staying. Instead of having all three bikes covered under an all risks policy, Oli has been able to add his bikes to the JaSure app, deciding exactly when he needs insurance to suit his own circumstances. Quick and simple. Smart and mobile. It’s an easy insurance experience to save you money during those times when your bicycle’s wheels aren’t spinning.

Oli covers the best trails in SA

While JaSure will cover your gear, we turned to the expert, Oli, to give us the low-down on his favourite trail rides in the country.

Oli’s Top 12 Trails:

Western Cape:


  1. The Kirstenbosch Corridor: Oli can’t hide his excitement knowing this trail is legal, as it’s such a gorgeous route to cycle! He recommends it for riders of all abilities, but beware as there are a few steep pitches which need to be negotiated in granny gear.
  2. Pat’s Track: This is a fast one, so Oli recommends it only for experienced riders with dual suspension bikes, a dropper post and hardy tyres. It’s a rocky singletrack descent from Lion’s Head towards Sea Point, so enjoy the views guys.
  3. Tafelberg Road to the Blockhouse with a finish at Rhodes Memorial or UCT: Oli loves this trail in the early morning, when the sunrise views of Cape Town are spectacular. The singletrack descent just adds to the fun of the finish. Oli recommends this for riders of all abilities.
  4. Jonkershoek: Near Stellenbosch, Oli enjoys that this valley offers something for cyclists of every skill level. The scale and variety of trails is fantastic, so make it a weekend trip if you have the time.
  5. Tokai: Oli grew up riding in the Tokai area, so this is a sentimental spot for him. Just as with Jonkershoek, there’s a ride for everyone in Tokai and the trails have vastly improved in the last few months, thanks to hard work and dedication of the TokaiMTB group.
  6. Eselfontein: Located in Ceres, Eselfontein is the oldest farm in the valley with some of the oldest mountain trails in the country. Rugged terrain and thrilling descents make this a spot which Oli recommends for more experienced riders.


  1. Wolwespruit MTB and Trail Park: Situated in Pretoria, Oli likes the fact that so many great trails have been set up on a fairly condensed piece of land without the sensation of feeling cramped. The graded trails mean there’s a ride for every cycling ability. It’s also got a fantastic coffee shop and Trailwolf Cycles, in case you’re up for a little shopping.
  2. Buffelsdrift Mountain Bike Park: Outside of the urban jungle near Pretoria, Buffelsdrift offers some great longer loops, as well as technical sections for the thrill-seekers like Oli.
  3. The Braamfontein Spruit: It may be tame as far as cycles go, but Oli loves that you can find a scenic river trail in the heart of the city.
  4.  BikeMarket’s bi-monthly Friday Shuttle Day at Delta Park: This has got to be one of the best ways to let off some steam at the end of the work week. Get in touch with them for updates on the whens and wheres.


  1.  Karkloof: Near Howick, this stunning area not only has amazing singletracks, but Oli considers that it also boasts some of the country’s best gravel roads for the gravel-grinding community.


  1.  Mankele: Oli loves this destination, because not only is it a great getaway for a weekend with family and friends, but it is also the jewel of Mpumalanga’s trail network, suitable for all ages and skill levels.


That’s a wrap on Oli’s top trail riding spots. While we may be staying home for now, we can always dream. For Oli, as soon as he’s able to get onto his gravel bike again, he’s going to hit Kirstenbosch Corridor and whiz over Constantia Nek into Hout Bay, before getting all the cobwebs out on Chappies and Red Hill. A gale-force South-Easter won’t even dampen the mood!


Where will your first cycle be once we’re back in the saddle? Wherever it is, don’t forget to switch on your cover with JaSure.

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