What’s the deal with dynamic pricing?

July 14, 2020

You own different assets that you use at different times, some more often than others. You use your cellphone and laptop every day; your mountain bike most weekends; and your camera, on holiday.

With JaSure, you can switch on cover for your camera as you head out, and switch off cover when end-of-holiday blues set in.

JaSure’s scheduling feature enables you to select the days you want cover and your cover will automatically switch on and off. For the mountain bike you only ride on weekends, or the road bike you use Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can schedule cover on the JaSure app.

And your cellphone and laptop – if you want cover all the time, switch on cover and leave cover on. Simple.

As for protecting your portable possessions when they’re at home: you may have other insurance for this or you may have chosen not to insure these valuables at home. Regardless, if you want cover for your valuables when they’re at home, be it your laptop, bicycle or binoculars, you always have the option to leave your JaSure cover on.

What does this mean for your premium? At the end of the month, we count the number of days on which your cover was “on” and charge the corresponding premium. No refunds necessary. And your premium scales in such a way that if you need cover all month, your price will still be competitive.

To illustrate, take a look at the example table below – if, for example, you switch on cover for your R50,000 mountain bicycle on 6 days during the month, you’ll pay R139 at the end of that month. If you leave your cover on for the whole month, you’ll pay R193 at the end of that month.

Days: Total Premium

1 day: R84

2-3 days: R112

4-7 days: R139

8-15 days: R166

16 days or more: R193

That’s dynamic pricing in a nutshell. If you’d like to see it in action, visit our Quick Quote or add an asset on the JaSure app. Any questions, reach out to help@jasure.com.

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