You lockdown and you learn  

May 22, 2020

Oli Munnik reveals lockdown learnings

We all know the saying that every cloud has a silver lining. During times of hardship, it is more important than ever to find the proverbial silver lining and learn to count one’s blessings. JaSure chatted to our newest brand ambassador, cycling enthusiast and former pro cyclist Oli Munnik to find out what positives he’s taking away from 57 days and counting of lockdown in SA.

#1 Quality family time

Modern life tends to take its toll on the family unit. Quality time with the kids takes a back seat in the busyness of everyday life. Partners drift apart as one-on-one time slips with the demands of work or kids’ full schedules. For Oli, lockdown has given us something back — the gift of uninterrupted time together as a family. May we all come to a new understanding of just how important this is and take this lesson with us into the next season, once restrictions are lifted.

#2 New marketing practices

As the Marketing Manager at cycling distributor Rush Sports, Oli knows a thing or two about what it takes to make a brand tick. Reflecting on the pandemic, Oli notes that 2020 has literally seen normal life fall to pieces, at least for now. From human interaction to the way we conduct business and how we connect with brands, to what we do with our free time, almost every facet of our lives has seen radical change. For marketers, Oli considers that this has meant reevaluating brand strategies at a record speed, adapting the lines of communication and even the message itself which is sent out to consumers.

During this challenging time in history, brands need to tread carefully, being ever mindful of their customers and changing needs. For JaSure, the on-demand nature of our insurance offering has enabled us to meet our customers’ needs and changing budgets. The flexibility to switch on your cover only when you need it is especially handy for our users while indoors.

#3 Advances in tech

It’s no longer just about finding solutions to old problems, but finding solutions to new problems. As citizens the worldover have stayed home, there has never been more of an emphasis on our reliance on technology. It’s not only many in the workforce who are going online, even young kids are meeting up with their teachers and school friends on Zoom. The memes are endless! While virtual catch-ups are not quite the same as the real thing, some things are better online — like insuring your favourite things. We couldn’t resist a little brand punt -sorry, not sorry!

Given the huge growth in online communication and the changes this is forcing on businesses and indeed human relationships, Oli would be entirely unsurprised if universal access to the internet became a human right in the near future. But, Oli cautions that while the benefits of constant connectivity are undeniable, society should strive to walk the line between human and digital interaction and find a healthy balance.

#4 Businesses adapt to a new normal

It is not only marketing departments that have needed to shake things up. Oli has been interested in the response of various industries to the restrictions imposed on the economy. For many businesses, such as those in the sports realm and entertainment industry, thinking out of the box has become a necessity to avoid closing shop. From game reserves conducting virtual game drives to museums going online, the creativity to adapt during this time has been inspiring.

#5 The importance of the great outdoors

For many of us, the level 5 lockdown in SA caused a serious case of cabin fever. Now that we are able to exercise in the mornings, Oli has enjoyed seeing so many people take advantage of this time to get some fresh air and increase the heart rate. Even those who are not big into exercise have been venturing out, eager to feel the sunshine and use those legs. Oli just hopes that we’ll all keep it up, as we experience the positive change in our mental and physical well beings from a healthy dose of the outdoors.

#6 Feeding the nation

Oli has found it especially inspiring to read of South Africans from all walks of life who have played their part in helping those less fortunate. Donations, both big and small, have poured in and been used to put together food parcels for hungry families, while restaurants and even breweries have opened up their facilities to prepare thousands of meals.


It seems that many have stepped back and seen the bigger picture. We’re in this together  — let’s answer the call of those in need and do what we can to ease their burden. JaSure has joined forces with the Modern Athlete Flatten the Curve Challenge in support of FoodForwardSA. By getting involved with the challenge, you could help feed those in distressing circumstances during our National Lockdown.


A little something extra from JaSure

You could win a R1,000 Takealot voucher in the JaSure competition with Modern Athlete. To enter, simply download the JaSure app from the App Store or Play Store, use the code MODERN when you sign up and add an asset. Good luck and see you on the app!


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